6 Key Things You Should Not Compromise on
When Shopping for Continence Management Products

Accessing great continence management products should be easy for everyone.
Here are 6 critical things your incontinence product provider should give you in that experience.


Accessing great continence management products should be easy for everyone.
Here are 7 critical things your incontinence product provider should give you in that experience.ncontinence product provider should give you in that experience.

We understand how difficult it is

So many people experience incontinence across all different walks of life.

A great continence management product provider should be able to deliver an easy, high quality, discreet and supportive experience each and every time - to everyone who needs it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to incontinence products or are a seasoned incontinence products shopper, we know you are looking for the best experience for yourself or for a loved one.
We’ve got an easy checklist you can use to make sure you’re thoughtfully taken care of.

Here’s our cheat sheet outlining the seven critical things we think your incontinence product provider should be providing to all those that live with incontinence:

1. Quality products with advanced performance

You want your continence management products to perform reliably and invisibly. You need to trust them not to leak, irritate your skin, bunch up or smell.

After all you've spent good money so that they will work for you, discreetly, so that you shouldn't need to think twice about them.

To achieve this level of invisible performance requires the most advanced absorption technologies. We searched the world and have partnered with a European manufacturer to develop the Dailee by ConfidenceClub range of products - allowing us to offer high absorbencies in body-hugging, super-slimline products so you'll barely know they're there.


About The Dailee Brand

The Dailee Brand is a well respected and very popular European range of premium continence management products. Most products are manufactured in factories across the European Union (some are manufactured in the United States) in modern, resource-efficient factories. All products are of exceptional quality and are designed to exceed global standards.


2. Products that don't cost the earth

You should demand great value from your products, including paying less if you buy in bulk. And any savings you make through your supplier choices should not come at the cost of the environment or workers.

ConfidenceClub’s products are priced competitively to beat retail prices for equivalent products, however we offer further discounts when you purchase a whole carton, and even further discounts when you choose to upgrade to automated repeat orders.

You should never be able to find a comparable product in any store at anywhere near our prices. And yet, with our close European manufacturer partnership, we are able to offer these unbeatable prices while following the latest sustainability practices; for example, using green energy, sustainable raw materials and humane staff practices.

3. Proof that others love the products

Your product provider should ask customers to review their products and publish these reviews so that others can see how they’re performing.

This is because you would rather learn from the experience of others than risk making the wrong choices.

We ask our customers to honestly review our products, and we publish what they say, unedited.

We have received thousands of 5-star reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 93% of reviews either 4 or 5 stars.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Getting started with ConfidenceClub?
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4. Thoughtful, personalised product advice

It can be incredibly difficult to find the right continence management product from a supermarket or chemist shelf, and even more frustrating (and costly) if they don’t fit or work as anticipated.

ConfidenceClub has a large team of care and product specialists available to work with you to find the perfect product for your needs.

Reach out to them by phone, email or live chat – 6 days a week. This service is further backed by our “It Fits Or It’s Free” money-back guarantee, ensuring you get the products that work for you without paying for any that don’t.

5. Free, fast and discreet home delivery

You should expect the products you need to arrive at your door, sensitively packaged, and within a reasonable amount of time.

You should not be lugging large boxes home, nor should you be publicly handling bags that advertise to others your personal health needs.

We offer free home delivery to anywhere across Australia on orders over $50. If you order and pay before 10am on a weekday then your order is handed to a courier from the nearest warehouse to you on the same day. All items are packaged in unmarked boxes or satchels so your nosey neighbour can’t see what’s inside.

6. A generous rewards program

If you’re buying any kind of product regularly, your loyalty should be rewarded, and you should be able to redeem these rewards in a way that is meaningful to you.

Our rewards program offers members exclusive offers and rewards benefits, with points earned on each purchase, a birthday reward and a tiered system that rewards you more the more loyal you are.

Reward points are easily redeemed in the checkout of future orders for instant discounts.

ConfidenceClub difference

Looking for a continence management product provider that ticks all of these boxes (and more)?
ConfidenceClub has a vision to eliminate the burden of managing incontinence through products and experiences that are easy, positive and preferred.
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