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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We know urine and stool can be irritating on the skin, so these wipes are dermatologically tested and super gentle. Think soft, cloud-like comfort that pampers your skin while also making sure any pesky germs are wiped away.

We cater to everyone, and that means keeping latex out of the equation. Our wipes are 100% latex-free, so you can use them with confidence.

Convenient and effective incontinence wipes and sanitisers specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Clean and Confident, Anytime, Anywhere.

We provide convenient and effective wipes and sanitisers specifically designed for big kids and teens. Our products offer reliable cleanliness and hygiene, giving young people the confidence to stay fresh and clean throughout their busy days.

Our wipes are crafted from soft, gentle materials that are tough on germs but kind to the skin. Perfect for quick clean-ups and on-the-go freshness, they leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Designed with young people in mind, our products are safe, effective, and gentle enough for daily use.

Empower your big kids and teens with the tools they need to stay clean and confident. Explore our range of wipes today and experience the difference with ConfidenceClub.

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