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Say goodbye to night time worries with our selection of night nappies and night time pull ups for older children and teenagers. With superior leak protection and a soft, comfortable feel, they ensure a peaceful, dry night's sleep!

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  • Magics Youth Pants 8-15 Years (27-57kg)
    Magics Youth Pants 8-15 Years (27-57kg)
    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
    101 Reviews
    per pack of 12
    per carton of 72
  • Magics Youth Pants 4-7 Years (17-30kg)
    Magics Youth Pants 4-7 Years (17-30kg)
    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
    61 Reviews
    per pack of 15
    per carton of 60

Enjoy Uninterrupted Sleep With Our Night Nappies!

We understand the importance of ensuring your older children and teenagers get a comfortable night's sleep, which is where our range of night time nappies and pull ups come in handy!

They ensure that your child stays dry and comfortable all night long, thanks to their superior design and absorbency. Engineered to be super stretchy and soft, our night time pull ups are comfortable and fit snugly to the body to ensure advanced leak protection - even if your child moves around in their sleep.

Being dermatologically tested and latex-free, you can rest easy knowing that our night nappies are kind to your child's delicate skin, ensuring high breathability.

You can try our nappies for nighttime completely risk-free thanks to our 100% money back guarantee.

Give your child the joy of a comfortable and dry night's sleep, without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also use these night pull ups during the day?

Yes, all of our nappies for night time can also be used to keep your child dry from any day time wetting or incontinence.

Can these night time pull ups be used for heavy sleepers?

Absolutely! Our night time pull ups are ideal for heavy sleepers who may need extra protection. Their underwear-like fit and feel makes them comfortable to wear without compromising on superior absorbency.

Are the night pull ups suitable for teenagers as well?

Our nappies for night time are made with more inclusive sizes, meaning they can comfortably fit older children and teenagers between the ages of 4 and 15.

We recommend measuring your child's waist prior to purchase to ensure the correct size. If your child is older than 15, we also stock incontinence pants and pull ups for adults that have larger sizes available.

Can I use these night time nappies to help with toilet training?

Of course! Our night nappies are perfect for supporting you and your child on the toilet training journey by offering protection for your child while they learn, as well as being a convenient way to reduce the amount of laundry in the process!

You can double up on protection from bedwetting accidents during toilet training, too, by pairing the use of nappies with any of our waterproof bedding options.

Are these products suitable for children with sensitive skin?

Yes! Our range of pull ups for night time are made with your child's comfort in mind and are engineered to protect skin health and reduce risk of irritation. They are all dermatologically tested, latex free and made from materials that allow the skin to breathe.

Can these products be used for both boys and girls?

Our night time nappies and pull ups are unisex and designed to cater to the needs of both boys and girls to ensure versatile and inclusive usage.

Are these products environmentally friendly?

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly nappy for night time, we recommend our Magics Youth Pants.

Made in sustainable European factories that focus on generating less waste and a CO2-Neutral manufacturing process - as well as being made from green polyethylene derived from sugarcane waste - our Magics Youth Pants are kinder to your child's skin and th eplanet.

Can night nappies be used for soiling as well as bedwetting?

Yes, our night pull ups and nappies are suitable for moderate to heavy urine leakage as well as soiling.

Night Time Nappies Suitable for Older Children & Teens

Here at ConfidenceClub, we strive to ensure our range of incontinence aids are inclusive and adaptive for all ages and levels of need. That's why our night time nappies and pull ups for children and teens have a more size-inclusive range, with options to fit children and teens aged between 4-15.

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Brand Medium Large

Magics Youth Pants

Ages 4-7
Weight: 17-30kg
Waist: 40-70cm

Ages 8-15
Weight: 27-57kg
Waist: 50-85cm

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