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Frequently Asked Questions

Think of a booster pad as your extra line of defence against leaks. Booster pads are designed to sit neatly inside of your pants or slips to give you added absorption.

While our booster pads are absorbent, they’re intended for use inside a pull-up or slip.

Our advice is to change your booster pad (and other incontinence aids) as soon as they’re wet or soiled. This makes sure your skin stays happy, healthy and hygienic!

Absolutely! You can use a booster pad inside of your regular incontinence aid for an added boost of absorbency so you can have an uninterrupted, restful nights’ sleep.

Disposing of booster pads is easy - simply roll the booster, wrap it in some toilet paper and throw it into the regular garbage. You can even place it into a plastic bag before disposing to help minimise any odours.

Please remember the planet (and your pipes!) when disposing of them by not flushing them down the toilet.

Introducing ConfidenceClub's Women's Booster Pads—your ideal solution for enhanced incontinence protection.

Extra Protection, Ultimate Confidence.

Introducing ConfidenceClub's Women's Booster Pads - your ideal solution for enhanced incontinence protection. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing incontinence wear, our booster pads offer an extra layer of defence against leaks, ensuring you stay dry and confident throughout your day.

Crafted from soft, breathable materials, our booster pads maintain skin health and comfort while providing advanced absorption. With rapid dry-feel technology, these pads quickly lock in moisture, preventing leaks and offering up to 12 hours of odour control. Simply place the booster pad inside your Invizi pants or slips for an immediate upgrade in protection and peace of mind.

Explore our range of women's booster pads and give your incontinence protection the boost it deserves.

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