About Us

About Us

Did you know that 1 in 4 people need to wear incontinence care products beneath their skirts and trousers?

And even though incontinence is so common, it can still be really challenging for people (or their carers) to find the right products for their needs. From having to fork out for over-priced products, to simply not knowing how to choose the right product or just feeling embarrassed to talk about it or buy them in person.

It can be a tricky process.

That’s why entrepreneurs Garron Lipschitz and Gavin Basserabie created ConfidenceClub - a new generation of simplified incontinence care that means people can confidently get back to all of life’s moments.

Our products give you an invisible kind of confidence you can count on.
From the outside, you’d never even know you’re wearing our products. They’re that discreet.
So when you look in the mirror, you will feel really, really good.

Our tight-knit team’s purpose is to make a positive impact on the lives of people living with incontinence.

We’ve got incontinence care covered, so you can step out stress (and leak) free!

“I’m most proud of the positive difference we’re making in so many Australians’ lives.”
- Garron

“ConfidenceClub needs to exist because so many people were finding it difficult remaining stocked up with these essential consumables. I'm so glad we could help.”
- Gavin

Meet the Team Behind the Screen

These are the faces that work hard behind-the-scenes to provide thousands of people with the incontinence products they need. Each member brings their unique set of skills (as well as their caring and friendly personalities!) into the office every day.

We think they’re pretty awesome, and we’re sure you will too!

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Customer Service


The Next Employee
Doing Good

“Thank you so much.
I was thinking when I woke up that every area within ConfidenceClub is beyond excellent.
The quality and choice of products is better than anything else on the market, the value is affordable, the standard of service and support is like we rarely see in the corporate world today and I really feel that I am talking and communicating with an old friend who knows me well. More than that, Judy, because you are so lovely, I am wondering if I can adopt you....”

- Customer email

We Are A Team Of...


one sang for the Australian Youth Choir

one sang at the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony

one loves salsa dance almost as much as dark chocolate

Animal Lovers

one rescues ex-racing greyhounds and has fostered 15 of them so far

one has a scorpion that glows under black light

one volunteers at the RSPCA

Best Friends

one was the Maid of Honour for another's wedding - so many years ago, we're not allowed to say

two others are sisters-in-law


one had a long chat with Sandra Sully in a lift, mistaking her for an old friend

one shared a coffee and a hug with Russell Brand on Bondi Beach

One had dinner with the Wolf of Wall Street (and he paid)

Sporting Stars

one won their 1982 school award for most improved in volleyball

High Achievers

one came 8th out of 50,000 in an entrance exam


one had their bathroom renovated on the TV show Our House

one was a contestant on Perfect Match


two are carers for elderly parents

one is the carer for a sick child


one has travelled to 35 countries

one ran with the bulls in Pamplona


one has survived cancer - twice


one spends their spare time photographing nature, and has their art in a number of celebrity homes


we all have our stories

just like you

“They are soft, formfitting,
so very comfortable

and more importantly they work,

I could cry,

these might just be game changer for me,

from not venturing outdoors or anywhere to walking longer
venturing outside into the sun or the rain.

Thankyou ConfidenceClub
I'll be your number one fan”

- Customer product review

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