Bowel Incontinence Pads

These premium comfort bowel incontinence pads (adult diapers) and pants are designed for maximum absorbency for day and night confidence. Protect clothing and bedding from moderate to high urinary leakage as well as fecal incontinence. These products are particularly suitable to those who are less mobile or require more care.

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ConfidenceClub is a leading specialist direct-to-consumer brand of continence management products. We alleviate the burden of managing incontinence through trusted products and services that are easy, personalised and confidential, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the results.

Bowel Incontinence Pants

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ConfidenceClub understands the importance of offering the best products to help support happiness, health and confidence for everyone, no matter your age or needs. Our bowel incontinence prodcuts are designed to offer maximum discretion, comfort and reliability. These products have been developed to allow everyone to regain their confidence and continue to lead active lives.

About Our Bowel Incontinence Products

We are proud to provide a range of quality bowel incontinence products. The ConfidenceClub range covers the best bowel incontinence pants, underwear and faecal pads on the market. It is important to recognise that faecal matter will not absorb into any pad, but our range will contain most bowel output.

We offer premium comfort adult nappies (slips) for bowel incontinence and urinary incontinence, designed for maximum absorbency for day and night confidence.

Our range offers a wide selection of incontinence aids in order to provide you with the level of protection you require. We also offer incontinence pads and guards for light bladder leakage, pull-up pants for children and teenagers and much more.

Features of Bowel Incontinence Slips

Built for a tailored, comfortable fit with a re-fastenable velcro tabs
Breathable, silky soft and super absorbent fabric
Complete with an active odour lock to discreetly lock away any bad odours
Unisex design - for men and women
Dermatologically tested and latex free
Created with a wetness indicator for skin health
For day and night with superior night security for leak reduction

Features of Bowel Incontinence Pants

  • Pull off and on with quick tear side for easy disposal
  • Stretch fabric for freedom of movement and superior comfort
  • Soft waistband and real underwear feel
  • Invisible, ultra slim fit for maximum discretion
  • Breathable fabric technology for skin health
  • Patent Magical Tubes® with three channel technology for superior absorbency
  • Active odour lock keeps you fresh with odour neutralising material
  • Ultimate defence leakage barriers and leg cuffs off protection and confidence
  • Suitable for moderate to heavy bladder leakage, faecal and mixed incontinence.
  • Dermatologically tested and latex free
  • For day and night with superior night security for leak reduction
  • Unisex – For men and women

Sizes of Bowel Incontinence Products

ConfidenceClub bowel incontinence pads (slips) and bowel incontinence pants come in a large range of sizes so that you can experience optimal comfort and dryness.

Slip sizes range from an XS, which is suitable for 38cm waistlines, to an XXL for up to 190cm waists.

Our products come in varying levels of absorbency. They are anatomically designed for a snug fit to ensure protection from leakage, with fast-acting absorption core to rapidly lock away any liquid.

We are proud to say they are the most comfortable incontinence products on the market.

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