About The Dailee Brand

The Dailee Brand is a well respected and very popular European range of premium continence management products. Most products are manufactured in factories across the European Union (some are manufactured in the United States) in modern, resource-efficient factories. All products are of exceptional quality and are designed to exceed global standards.


Dailee's Magical Tubes Technology

A unique feature of Dailee products is the Magical Tubes technology - absorption channels guide liquid across the length of the product, expanding on the sides to contain liquid flows even more effectively, resulting in fewer leaks. These Magical Tubes have the added advantage of providing higher absorbencies in an even slimmer product.

CO2-Neutral and Sustainable Production

All Dailee products, including the sub-brands of Care and Magics, are produced using factories and processes that are CO2-Neutral, so you know what you are buying is not only better for you, but it is better for everyone else too.


From a few drops to full bladder voids - the Dailee range has you covered


Comfortable pull-up pants with Magical Tubes for high absorbencies without the bulk


A range of very high absorbency wraps for urinary and faecal incontinence


Smaller sized pants designed for children and teenagers

Did you know that incontinence affects 21% of Britons?

And research indicates it has a big impact on sufferers beyond the symptoms

We make managing your incontinence easy and affordable

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Trusted By Experts

Leading Organisations

Preferred supplier to 65 Stockland retirement villages as part of their Benefits+ program. Supplier to Carers, Care Package Managers, Aged Care Facilities, Group Homes and Pharmacies everywhere.

Continence Experts

“I am happy to recommend ConfidenceClub. They have comfortable fitting and good quality pads, pull-up pants and all-in-one wraps. I have worked with the team at ConfidenceClub for some time and can endorse that they are honest, reliable, caring and dedicated to providing great value and exceptional service to their customers."

Dr Lorraine Dickson
RN, Grad Cert Ad Ed & Training, Grad Dip Nur (Cmm Hlth), MN, DN.

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