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Our range of incontinence pads for men and women offer the best protection against light to moderate urinary leakage. Engineered with slimline materials to provide an anatomical fit to the body and fitted with leak guards on the sides, our pads for incontinence provide optimal comfort and protection from leaks. Dermatologically tested and latex free, they not only provide reliable leak protection but are also designed to be kind on skin, ensuring you experience comfort and confidence with every use.

Loved by tens of thousands of Australians for superior products and personalised discreet service.

ConfidenceClub is Australia's #1 specialist direct-to-consumer brand of continence management products. We alleviate the burden of managing incontinence through trusted products and services that are easy, personalised and confidential, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the results.

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ConfidenceClub understands the importance of offering the best products to help support happiness, health and confidence for everyone, no matter your age or needs. Our incontinence pads are designed to offer maximum discretion, comfort and reliability. These products have been developed to allow everyone to regain their confidence and continue to lead active lives.

About Our Incontinence Pads for Men & Women

ConfidenceClub’s pads are high quality, comfortable and practical. All products in our range of incontinence pads for women and guards for men are anatomically designed to fit discreetly and snuggly. They also provide secure protection for active wearers. We offer security and peace of mind so that wearers can make the most out of every day.

These premium comfort incontinence pads for adults are designed for maximum absorbency for confidence throughout the day and night. Protect your loved one’s clothing and bedding from light bladder leakage to moderate urinary incontinence, with suitability for those who are less mobile or require more care. 

We also offer pull-up pants for moderate to heavy leakage, youth pull-up pants for daytime or night time incontinence, and all-in-one slips for heavy leakage or high need. We also carry a range of bed and furniture protectors for added protection from night time incontinence, as well as extra peace of mind for restful sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between incontinence pad and a guard?

The biggest difference between a pad and a guard is the shape. A guard is tapered at one end, making it closer to a triangle shape, so it’s anatomically shaped for men. Pads are shaped more like a lozenge or hourglass, a bit tapered between the legs and wide at both ends. Both products are considered to be incontinence pads, or pads for bladder weakness. Our pads and guards come in a range of absorbency levels, with pads for light bladder leakage through to pads that absorb up to 1000 ml of liquid.

Are guards just for men and pads just for women?

While the shape of guard makes them more suitable as men’s incontinence pads, our range of traditionally shaped pads are great as pads for women, pads for men, incontinence pads for elderly or people of all ages. Though the Dailee range are called Dailee Lady, plenty of men buy them too!

Which pads are better for daytime use and which are for night time?

All of the pads and guards in our range are suitable for use at any time – it really just depends on each person’s individual needs. Some people find they need a pad for light bladder leakage during the day, but need more protection at night, while for others this is reversed.

Why are some incontinence pads so much thicker than others?

The answer seems obvious – that the thicker a pad is, the more absorbent it is, and to an extent that is true. However, it’s really the amount of ‘Super Absorbent Polymer’ (or SAP) that is in a pad that dictates how much liquid it will absorb. Our Dailee range of pads have very high ratio of SAP to fluff, so even though they seem very thin, they’re still very absorbent.

I have bladder incontinence, but I also sometimes get faecal incontinence. Can I still use your pads?

For bowel incontinence, we recommend you try a pull-up pant or an adult nappy (sometimes called slips or wraps) as it provides a larger area of coverage and higher absorbency.

Features of Incotinence Pads:

All of our Dailee incontinence pads and guards feature Drylock® Technology to absorb more leakage with less fluff, for a less bulky product that’s more environmentally conscious and with lower leakage rates.

Dailee products are manufactured in Europe with resource efficient production using modern precision equipment to create exceptional quality products that exceed global standards. All production facilities are audited for labour standards, health and safety, environment and business ethics. Where possible waste products are incinerated to produce power to support the manufacturing processes and some facilities are run entirely on solar energy.

*To learn more about a product's features, please visit the product page of the item you are interested in buying.

Sizes of Incontinence Pads

ConfidenceClub's incontinence products come in a range of sizes so that you can experience optimal comfort and dryness.

Our range of women's pads for incontinence vary in length and absorbency - to find out more, please visit the product page of the pad you are interested in to view the the length and absorbency capacity.

The main difference between mens incontinence guards we offer at ConfidenceClub is their capacity (from 400ml to 653ml) and shape.

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