VAT Exemption

We demystify the confusing rules around VAT -
why sometimes we charge VAT and sometimes we don't.

VAT Exemption

Most of our products are labelled as VAT Exempt,
and yet sometimes we need to charge VAT on these items

We demystify the confusing rules around VAT -
why sometimes we are required to charge VATand sometimes we don't.

Incontinence products are VAT Exempt

VAT is a 20% tax included in the price of most products you buy. Products used for continence management are usually VAT Exempt, meaning that there is no VAT added to the price of these items, making them more affordable.

It depends on how much you buy

If you order a large quantity of disposable continence management products (pads, pants, nappies, protectors) in a single order then the law requires us to charge VAT. Currently the law says if you order more than 200 pieces at a time we add 20% to the price of those items - though you may be able to avoid this...

It depends on your situation

If you (or the person you are buying for) are disabled or have a long term illness then you can avoid paying this additional VAT by requesting a VAT Exemption when you checkout.

We make it easy

When you are ready to place your order, if VAT needs to be added to your order, then we prompt you to request a VAT Exemption using an instant and easy form that asks you why you are eligible for the exemption. If you complete the form then the VAT on the conditional items is removed.

If you wish to know more then here is some of the fine print:

Products that say VAT Exempt are subject to these HMRC exemption conditions >

A "piece" is a single usable product, for example a single pack of 20 pads is counted as 20 pieces.

The threshold of 200 pieces applies to disposable incontinence products (such as pads, pants, nappies, underpads) and is calculated as the total number of pieces across all these products in your order, so it's possible to exceed this quantity by ordering smaller quantities of multiple items.

Any products that we sell that are not exclusively for continence management purposes are sold as VAT inclusive - the price you see is the price you pay regardless of the quantity you order, or your eligibility for a conditional VAT exemption.

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