Smart Set-Up: Optimising Your Home for Living with Incontinence

There's many things you can do to help make your home more incontinence-friendly, and this blog will walk you through simple things you can do to create a space that accommodates your needs.

Smart Set-Up: Optimising Your Home for Living with Incontinence

There's many things you can do to help make your home more incontinence-friendly, and this blog will walk you through simple things you can do to create a space that accommodates your needs.

If you or a loved one experiences incontinence, making informed, purposeful choices when setting up your home can make daily living much easier and more comfortable.

This simple guide will walk you through just how you can create an incontinence-friendly home that not only accommodates your needs but also enhances your quality of life.

Key Areas to Focus On

Sprucing Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is key to effective incontinence management. A few smart upgrades can make a big difference:

Sturdy Supports:

Install grab bars by the toilet and shower to help with safe movement. You can purchase these from your local hardware store.

Slip-Free Flooring:

Non-slip mats or tiles can help prevent falls in this often wet space.

Our Essential Washable Absorbent Non-Slip Mat is ideal for this! Covering an area of 60x90cm, this mat has an advanced 4-layer design, that allows moisture to draw in without leaking out.

This double-pack includes two identical absorption pads, offering excellent flexibility for both home and travel use. With one pad in use and the other in the wash, you can easily rotate them as needed, ensuring continuous availability.


Consider installing bright, motion-sensor lights to illuminate the way during those nighttime bathroom trips.

Bedroom Comforts

A good bedroom set-up can both foster a better sleep routine and also help you handle nighttime incontinence with ease.

Protective Bedding:

Waterproof mattress protectors and absorbent bed pads can help keep your bedding dry and comfortable.

Our waterproof bedding range covers everything from fitted sheets to pillowcases and quilt protectors. Designed to be waterproof, these sheets will hold securely to your bedding and mattress to protect it from soiling. Created from a soft, durable, crinkle-free material, you can wash these sheets again and again, up to 300 times!

Alternatively, you can also opt for our disposable Disposable Underpads, which are perfect for sleeping away from home. With multiple options to choose from, you can feel rest assured knowing that these pads are ultra-absorbent, with 4-side seals to help prevent any leaks.

Guiding Lights:

As recommended for the bathroom, soft night lights in the bedroom also adds another level of safety for trips to the bathroom as it will help prevent trips and falls in the dark.

Living Room Adjustments:

It’s not just the bathroom and bedroom that need some adjustments. Here’s how to make living spaces more incontinence-friendly:

Furniture Protection:

Waterproof covers for sofas and chairs can guard against spills and are easy to clean.

Our Essential Waterproof Chair Pad is not only comfortable, it’s also washable! It’s designed to keep any liquids away from your furniture and to help reduce the risk of staining.

Clutter-Free Pathways:

Arrange furniture to keep the paths to the bathroom clear, ensuring smooth and safe access throughout the home.


There are many ways to help prevent incontinence odours, but ensuring you dispose of your incontinence aids properly is vital.

If you experience faecal incontinence, be sure to dispose of any stool from your pull-up pants or slips into the toilet before disposal. Afterwards, wrap the used product tightly and put it into a plastic or zip lock bag to minimise odours, then place it in the bin.

You can do the same procedure of wrapping and bagging for used urinary incontinence products as well.

Key Equipment for Incontinence

A few key pieces of equipment can significantly ease the management of incontinence at home.

Portable Commodes:

Especially helpful for those with limited mobility, a portable commode in the bedroom or living room can reduce the need for frequent trips to the bathroom.

Incontinence Supplies:

Keep a good stock of high-quality incontinence aids like pads or pull-up pants within easy reach. Try keeping them throughout your home in easy-to-reach places, so it’s easy to grab when needed.

Our Dailee range is designed to integrate into your daily life seamlessly. Made with sleek, form-fitting materials, these incontinence aids are shaped to snugly align with your body's contours, staying discreet under your clothes.

They also feature an active odour neutraliser and advanced absorption technology that efficiently wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and fresh for up to 12 hours.





Quick Clean Kit:

Assemble a cleaning kit with gloves, disposable bags, and sanitising wipes in several spots around the house for fast and hygienic clean-up.

We recommend trying our extra-large Dailee Cleansing Wipes. They’re pH-balanced, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested to ensure they’re gentle on the most sensitive of skin.

Tailoring your home to better suit living with incontinence involves careful planning and some practical changes.

With these tips, you can create a safer, more comfortable environment that supports your lifestyle and lets you focus more on enjoying life and less on managing incontinence.

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