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Choosing The Right Male Incontinence Products - Our Top Tips!

Feeling unsure which incontinence aid is right for you as a male? We’ll take you through our top tips for picking the right product for your needs.

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Choosing The Right Male Incontinence Products - Our Top Tips!
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Choosing The Right Male Incontinence Products:
Our Top Tips!

Feeling unsure which incontinence aid is right for you as a male? We’ll take you through our top tips for picking the right product for your needs.

Choosing The Right Male Incontinence Products:
Our Top Tips!

Feeling unsure which incontinence aid is right for you as a male? We’ll take you through our top tips for picking the right product for your needs.

Navigating the different types of incontinence products on the market can be overwhelming.

You not only need to consider sizing (which can vary between brands), but also absorbency levels, odour control and, of course, comfort!

Whether you’re new to using incontinence aids or you’re not sure if your current choice is the best for your needs, we’ve got some tips for the men out there to help them better navigate the options and cut through the confusion - because finding the right product for your needs can make such a difference to your confidence.

Know your type & degree of incontinence

Choosing the type of product that is best for your needs should start with identifying the type and degree of incontinence you have.

To get an accurate diagnosis, it’s important to seek medical advice from your doctor and discuss the symptoms you’re experiencing. They’ll then be able to provide any referrals to specialists that may be required and will be able to make a plan for the best management and treatment options for your unique situation.

One US survey found that only 22% of male individuals surveyed ever sought treatment for their incontinence [1].

While this statistic highlights how it can be a difficult topic to discuss (even with your health provider), it's important to remember that there are strategies to manage and treat incontinence, and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Choosing the correct size

Having incontinence aids that fit snugly to the body is essential to getting the best protection from leakage.

A 2017 Italian study assessed 14,493 people who use incontinence aids to see whether the products they used were the most appropriate for them - and the main issue found in 75% of cases was wearing products that were too large [2].

To ensure you’re choosing the size that will fit you best, be sure to measure your waist and hips prior to ordering (or get someone to help you measure). You can then use our Size Chart, which you can find easily on each of our product pages (in the choose size section top right), to determine which size is most suitable based on the measurements.

If you’re unsure whether your incontinence aid is the right size, our continence nurse and ConfidenceClub ambassador, Jane Clarke, has shared some things to to look out for:

  • Slipping when wet, experiencing leaks or gaping at the leg holes can all be signs that the product is too big.

  • Experiencing irritation/marks on the skin after removal or feeling that the product is uncomfortably tight to wear can be signs that the product is too small.

Remember that any purchase made with us is risk-free thanks to our It Fits or It’s Free 100% money back guarantee! So if you order the wrong size, simply contact us and we will exchange the item for the correct size - even if you’ve already used some from the pack.

Selecting your absorbency level

Knowing your type and degree of incontinence, as mentioned above, is essential for selecting the product that will offer the right absorbency level for your needs.

Higher absorbency products are understandably larger and thicker than less absorbent products, due to the extra amount of absorbent material inside. So if you have light or minor leakage, a male guard should provide you with the correct amount of absorbency.

 For those with moderate leakage, a pull-up pant is a comfortable and convenient option that looks and feels just like regular underwear. Our Dailee range of pull-ups has superior 3-channel absorbency technology inside that rapidly absorbs liquid - without any of the bulk.

If you experience heavy incontinence - including double or faecal incontinence - have limited to no control and/or have difficulties with mobility (or are caring for someone who does), then an all-in-one slip is your best option as they can contain larger volumes of liquid as well as being easy to change.

Look out for extra features

While they may look similar, not all incontinence products are made equal. That’s why it’s crucial to know you’re investing in high-quality products that have extra features and benefits to ensure your comfort and confidence.

These can include: 

  • Maintenance of Skin Health

Keeping your skin in optimal condition is crucial when using incontinence products, as prolonged contact with moisture on the skin can lead to damage or even skin conditions such as incontinence associated dermatitis.

Be sure to check that the product is dermatologically tested, fully breathable and free of any materials that can irritate the skin (such as latex), like those in our Dailee range. 

  • Active Odour Control

Not all incontinence products are made the same when it comes to odour control, with some products not being equipped with any neutralising materials, or being only fragranced as a way to ‘cover-up’ or ‘mask’ unpleasant smells. Neither of these approaches is effective at controlling odours - and fragranced products for intimate areas can cause both skin irritation and allergy responses [3].

Be sure to invest in high-quality products that are fitted with active odour control, for example, our Dailee range. The super-absorbent polymers within the products are also odour-neutralising, keeping you feeling fresh for up to 12 hours at a time.

  • Sustainability

As we’re all becoming more aware of the impact on the environment from single-use disposable plastics, it may be important to you to consider the environmental sustainability of your product of choice.

ConfidenceClub proudly delivers products and services that are manufactured in carbon neutral facilities that utilise renewable energy, as well as being cruelty-free and vegan.

Let us help you choose

We offer a wide range of high-quality incontinence aids that are engineered with your comfort in mind. By answering just a couple of questions in our quick and easy online Help Me Choose quiz, you can get a range of product suggestions to suit your needs, or look below for our suggestions:

For light urinary incontinence:

For moderate urinary incontinence and/or light mixed incontinence:

For heavy incontinence and/or faecal incontinence:

We hope that these top tips help you to find the best male incontinence product/s for your needs - and remember, you can always contact us to speak to our friendly customer service team who are here to answer any questions or queries you may have.