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Adaptability & Inclusivity: Incontinence Products for People With Disabilities

We strive to ensure our incontinence aids range is inclusive and adaptive for all levels of need and ability. Read on to find out how our products work for people with disabilities.

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Adaptability & Inclusivity: Incontinence Products for People With Disabilities
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A 2021 UK study found that people with disabilities are three times more likely to exprience incontinence than those without [1].


Here at ConfidenceClub, we offer a range of products that cater not only to different levels of incontinence needs but also to different needs of those with disabilities.


If you need help navigating which incontinence aid option is best for your needs, or the needs of someone you care for, continue reading our guide.


Pull-Up Pants

Incontinence pull-up pants are intended to be worn in place of underwear, fitting and pulling on and off just like them - but with the added benefit of being disposable and highly absorbent.


They’re best suited for those with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence and/or light faecal incontinence and can be easily applied and removed by either the wearer (depending on their mobility level) or the carer. Please note, these can also be torn along the side seam to remove if this is more convenient and comfortable than pulling them down to remove. 


Our Dailee range of pull-up pants fit just like regular underwear, staying discreet under clothing, and feature innovative three-channel technology that ensures rapid liquid absorption and locks it away into the core of the pants. This keeps skin dry and reduces any risks of rewetting or leakage! 


They’re also dermatologically tested and latex-free in order to maintain optimal skin health and breathability during wear - plus, they’re fitted with active odour-neutralising material that works for up to 12 hours at a time.


Remember to always change the incontinence aid as soon as it’s wet to prevent any irritations or conditions, like incontinence associated dermatitis or urinary tract infections.

These can arise from being in a soiled product for a prolonged period.


All-In-One Slips

If the wearer is wheelchair-bound, has limited mobility, or has a higher need for absorbency due to heavy incontinence, then an All-in-One Slip (also called an adult nappy) is likely the better choice. 


This is because their absorption capacity is higher than a pull-up, and they can be easily applied and removed by the wearer (if possible) and carers thanks to their adhesive strips on the sides of the products.


Like our pull-ups, our slips also have a wetness indicator - making it easier for carers to quickly identify when a change is needed.


Booster Pads

Booster pads are absorbent inserts that are designed to be used inside a pull-up or slip to give an extra layer of absorbency. They’re especially helpful to use when the wearer has limited mobility in situations like nighttime use or travel.


Our range of booster pads have a cotton-feel top sheet and are made of breathable materials to be comfortable against the skin, as well as provide that extra peace of mind thanks to offering additional absorbency.


Waterproof Bed and Furniture Protectors

Waterproof bed and furniture protectors (sometimes also called underpads) are helpful accessories to have on hand to prevent any leakage from getting onto bedding, furniture and flooring. They’re designed to be placed on wheelchairs, mattresses/bedding, sofas, car seats, floor surfaces and more, to provide the best flexibility for use at home or when travelling.


Our washable options come in a range of different sizes and feature an advanced four-layer design to allow for maximum comfort, dryness and absorption. You can also machine-wash and tumble-dry them (at low temperatures) for added convenience!


Our disposable options are really easy to use - simply place the protector wherever you want it, and dispose of it in the garbage once used or soiled. Their top sheet feels soft and cotton-like to ensure comfort, while their back sheet is made of waterproof polypropylene in order to keep any liquids contained inside.


ConfidenceClub are here to support you - if you have any questions or queries about our products, you can get in touch with one of our friendly customer service specialists who are always happy to help.


You can also take our Help Me Choose quiz in order to get a shortlist of product recommendations tailored to your needs, based on your answers to a few short questions.