Your Guide to Travelling With Incontinence: International Edition!

Dreaming about your next holiday can be a bit of a nightmare when travelling overseas with incontinence. But with some preparation and some insider tips, you can enjoy your vacation and explore the world with confidence!

Your Guide to Travelling With Incontinence: International Edition!

Dreaming about your next holiday can be a bit of a nightmare when travelling overseas with incontinence. But with some preparation and some insider tips, you can enjoy your vacation and explore the world with confidence!

Before getting into travel tips, let's talk incontinence.

It's essential to understand incontinence and how it affects you. Incontinence refers to the involuntary loss of bladder or bowel control and is very common, affecting millions around the world every day!

Incontinence comes in many forms, from a light leak to the sudden urge to go, but the main thing is knowing how to manage it so you’re able to live your best life.

Travel Tip: It’s always a good idea to talk with your healthcare provider to help come up with ways to manage your incontinence.

They can provide you with support like personalised advice, and recommend suitable medications and products to help you feel comfortable during your travels!

Packing the Essentials

When preparing for international travel with incontinence, packing essential supplies is key, we suggest ensuring that you have:

  • Plenty of incontinence aid supplies - whether that be pull-up pants, pads/guards, or all-in-one slips, it’s good to make sure you have more than enough to last you the whole trip

  • Disposable bags for easy and discreet disposal of your incontinence supplies

  • And a few extra changes of clothing, including underwear and outerwear

  • Plan on going to the beach or pool during your holiday?

In need of incontinence aid supplies and accessories? At ConfidenceClub, we offer a wide range, including:

  • Our best-selling Dailee Pants - designed to be comfortable and discreet for everyday wear. With a range of different absorbencies, you’re bound to find your perfect fit!

  • Our Dailee Pads for women and Dailee Guards for Men - are best suited for light to moderate urinary leakage;

  • And of course, our All-in-One Incontinence Slips - designed as a wrap-around pad with secure-fitting tabs on either side, these are great for protection against high leakage.

  • We would also recommend having a look at our wipes and cleaning range, for easy wipe-ups on the go!

Travel Tip: consider packing your supplies in waterproof pouches or travel organisers to help keep your belongings organised and easily accessible!

Finding the Best Accommodation for You

Choosing the right place to stay can make a big difference in your holiday. Make sure to keep an eye out for accommodations that offer accessible bathrooms with handrails, spacious bathrooms, and toiletries within easy reach.

Travel Tip: Some accommodations may also provide waterproof bedding or protective mattress covers upon request, but if you’d like to bring bedding of your own, we recommend:

  • Our Essential Washable Protectors - with a wide range of easy-to-clean sheets and pads, feel protected with these comfortable waterproof barriers.

  • Or our Dailee Disposable Protectors - our comfortable bed pad, featuring a soft absorbent top layer and waterproof back sheet, you’ll be able to change these and toss them out with ease.

Here are some more tips for having a more restful night with incontinence.

Planning Your Bathroom Breaks

Planning bathroom breaks strategically can help you feel more prepared during your travels. Be sure to take note of restroom locations along your itinerary route and consider what bathrooms are available before you plan your activities.

Travel Tip: Consider using mobile apps or online resources that provide information about nearby restrooms and their accessibility features.

Staying Hydrated and Staying Happy

Staying hydrated is essential throughout your trip, but, understandably, you may be hesitant to consume fluids while travelling. However, dehydration can exacerbate urinary symptoms and increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Focus on drinking water throughout the day and avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol, as they can irritate your bladder.

Focus on Relaxing

Travelling can be stressful, but don’t let anxiety about incontinence ruin your holiday.

Practising relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, can help alleviate stress, boost your self-esteem, and promote bladder control.

Travel Tip: Try to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine before and during your trip to help manage your anxiety and maintain your emotional well-being.

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Travelling with incontinence can feel isolating, but you're not alone. Be sure to reach out to your friends, family, or online communities of individuals facing similar challenges. Sharing experiences and tips can make all the difference and can provide valuable reassurance and inspiration for your journey.

Travelling with incontinence requires careful planning, but it shouldn't deter you from exploring the world.

By following these tips and talking with your healthcare provider, you can start on your international adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

Remember, with the right preparation and mindset, you can be ready for anything!


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