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These are premium comfort nappies for elderly designed for maximum absorbency for day and night confidence. Protect clothing and bedding from moderate to high urinary leakage as well as fecal incontinence. These products are particularly suitable to those who are less mobile or require more care.

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ConfidenceClub is a leading specialist direct-to-consumer brand of continence management products. We alleviate the burden of managing incontinence through trusted products and services that are easy, personalised and confidential, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't love the results.

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ConfidenceClub understands the importance of offering the best products to help support happiness, health and confidence for everyone, no matter your age or needs. Our range of specially designed incontinence nappies for the elderly are discreet, comfortable and reliable. They have been developed to allow everyone to regain their confidence and continue to lead active lives.

About Our Nappies for the Elderly

These premium comfort diapers for the elderly are designed for maximum absorbency for day and night confidence. Protect clothing and bedding from moderate to high urinary leakage as well as faecal incontinence. Our products are particularly suitable for those who are less mobile or require more care.

We also offer women's pads and male guards for light leakage, pull-up pants for moderate to heavy leakage and all-in-one slips for heavy leakage or high need. We also carry a range of bed and furniture protectors for added protection from night time incontinence, as well as extra peace of mind for restful sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Change Nappies for the Elderly?

This all depends on your requirements and your condition. Diapers for elderly women and men could be changed anywhere from 3 up to 8 times daily. The frequency will depend on lifestyle, health and personal requirements. It is important to remember that incontinence aids should be changed as soon as possible once wet or soiled to avoid any skin irritations or conditions that can arise from prolonged contact with a used incontinence aid.

ConfidenceClub will help you never get caught off-guard again. Our subscription service makes planning for yourself, or your elderly loved ones automatic - we’re always there for you. 

How Can You Prevent Adult Diaper Rash?

From time to time, nappy pants for the elderly can result in unpleasant rashes and irritations. Healthcare professionals call this Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD).

It is always important to remember to keep the area clean and dry, changing the incontinence aid once wet. You may also wish to add a gentle barrier cream to soothe and protect, promoting greater comfort. If problems persist, consult your healthcare professional.

What is the Best Overnight Diaper for the Elderly?

Our range of all-in-one slips, also called adult nappies or nappies for the elderly, are the best solution for an overnight diaper for nighttime incontinence, as they have a high absorption capacity. We also have booster pads that are able to be placed inside the slip in order to give a big boost to absorbency and help give peace of mind that your mattress, bedding and clothing are protected.

How Should You Dispose of Elderly Nappies?

It is important never to flush adult diapers and products. It is preferable to use sanitary bins whenever they are provided. Otherwise, simply wrap the pad or diaper tightly in a nappy bag and dispose of it in the general waste bins.

If there is faecal matter within the slip, ensure that it is tipped into the toilet prior to disposal into waste bins.

Features of Nappies for Elderly:

Built for a tailored, comfortable fit with a re-fastenable velcro tabs
Breathable, silky soft and super absorbent fabric
Complete with an active odour lock to discreetly lock away any unwanted odours
Unisex design - for men and women
Dermatologically tested and latex free
Created with a wetness indicator for skin health
For day and night with superior night security for leak reduction

Sizes of Incontinence Nappies for Elderly

ConfidenceClub adult nappies and comfortable incontinence pants come in a large range of sizes so that you can experience optimal comfort and dryness.

Slip sizes range from an XS, which is suitable for 38cm waistlines, to an XXL for up to 190cm waists. Our products also cover a range of absorbencies and are designed specifically for the use and different needs of men and women.

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